Pernod Ricard campaigns for responsible drinking

New Update


An alcohol awareness campaign in five Asian markets has been initiated by Pernod Ricard. The objective behind this campaign is to encourage young adults to engage in responsible drinking of alcoholic beverages.

The company has begun its first cross-market alcohol awareness social media campaign in Asia, which is named ‘‘Make Memories, Not Hangovers.’ The campaign targets young drinkers and urges them to address the dangers of binge drinking and it has been flowed in Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Taiwan and the Philippines.

The campaign will be spread across two phases. First phase is a video campaign focusing on increasing awareness on how much drinking makes for binge drinking, along with the perils pertaining to this kind of practice and how to drink responsibly. The second phase will evaluate the campaign’s impact through an incentivised quiz.

During the recent years, Pernod Ricard has been giving much emphasis on sustainability and responsible drinking. Last year it launched the Bar World of Tomorrow initiative, a global bartender training programme on sustainable and responsible practices, in Hong Kong. This training has reached close to 100 bartenders and managers from several of Hong Kong’s most popular bars till now.