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New Update

Selection process - 2022

  • All the nominated brands will be classified as per their respective categories (see our listed categories)
  • Brands of each category as per their price point or style will be judged through a blind tasting
  • The blind tasting will be done about three weeks prior to the award night

The Jury

A jury comprising renowned sommeliers/mixologists, blending experts, senior industry professionals (not attached to any company or brand), top professionals from F&B sector and one senior member of Spiritz team will complete the panel.

The Evaluation Criteria

  • Tasting & testing analyses will be carried out by an independent jury. The jury will evaluate the products for its quality on defined criteria. For maintaining absolute transparency and independence, jury members will rate each product on their respective sheets. There will be different parameters for different category of products.
  • Each product will be evaluated and given points by experts individually and independently on evaluation forms.
  • The evaluation will be done on the basis of:
    • Appearance ? colour and clarity
    • Viscosity ? alcohol content
    • Sensory characteristics ? nosing, palate, texture, etc
    • Finish
    • Originality & Innovation


  • Inspection of the conformity of the bottle, label and packaging
  • Quality and innovation in graphics, decoration, shape and structure
  • Functionality
  • Shelf stand-out
  • How the packaging adds value to the brand
  • Feel