Fettercairn’s third release in its Warehouse 2 Collection

New Update


Fettercairn Distillery has unveiled the third release in its Warehouse 2 Collection; an inspired small batch series created to celebrate the hidden gems within its 14 dunnage warehouses and to showcase its commitment to enlightened whisky making.

Limited to just 9,600 bottles, Fettercairn Warehouse 2 Batch No. 003 was distilled in 2015 and matured in a selection of handpicked ex-Bourbon barrels (57 percent), rum barrels (16 percent) and French red wine barriques (27 percent).

The tasting notes of the newly released liquid is that its nose exudes warm honey, Alphonso mango, brioche, cocoa, subtle forest fruits and waves of rose water, while its taste reflects passion fruit, papaya, red berries and grape must harmonised with sugared almonds, patisserie spice and heather honey.

This unique combination of casks was carefully chosen from the treasure-trove of aging stock in Warehouse 2, where high humidity combines with the relatively cool and temperate environment to make their mark on the maturing spirits.

In line with the ethos of enlightened whisky making, a detailed breakdown of the cask make-up is presented on each bottle and pack bringing complete transparency to every new release.

Fettercairn Warehouse 2, Batch No.003 will be available at an RSP of £60 in key global markets including the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium and France from April, extending to key Asia markets from May onwards.