Sparkling Hawaiian rum canned cocktails from Koloa Rum Company

New Update

publive-image Koloa Rum Company Sparkling Hawaiian Rum Canned Cocktails

Koloa Rum Company has launched sparkling Hawaiian rum canned cocktails — its latest ready-to-drink product line. Ideal for summer cocktails on-the-go, the new product complements Koloa Rum's existing broad portfolio.

Koloa's canned cocktails feature all-natural Hawaiian flavours blended with premium Kauai White Rum, which is made from pure cane sugar and rainwater from Mount Waialeale. The distinctively pure, clean, and smooth taste of Kauai White Rum makes for a perfect foundation for these tropical-flavoured cocktails.

The canned beverages come in four flavours - guava, pineapple, mango, and coconut - and are packaged in a convenient four-pack of 355 ml cans.

 In the 2022 Ultimate Spirits Challenge, each of these flavours scored above 90 with mango flavoured cocktail being awarded a Chairman's Trophy and listed among the top 100 spirits.

Light, bubbly, and refreshing, Koloa canned cocktails are suitable for a wide range of occasions. The canned cocktails are currently available in Hawaii, Texas, Illinois, Colorado, Arizona and Nevada and will later be distributed in additional markets.