Assam denies setting targets for liquor sales

Assam's excise department refutes reports of setting targets for liquor shops, citing a misunderstanding. The issue arose from a meeting discussing reduced liquor stock lifting in April 2024. The Excise Commissioner instructed districts to establish lifting targets and ensure compliance

By Spiritz Desk
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Assam’s excise department has dismissed reports regarding alleged targets set by them for liquor shops in the state. The Excise Commissioner of Assam cited a misunderstanding surrounding the issue.

As per the report, the controversy was traced to the minutes of a video conference meeting chaired by the Excise Commissioner. At the meeting, concerns were raised over reduced retail liquor stock lifting across all districts of Assam in April 2024, against the same period in 2023. At the meeting, the Commissioner of Excise directed district superintendents to establish lifting targets for individual retail liquor licensees in Assam and ensure monthly compliance, the report added.