Liquor prices go up in Gurugram

Gurgaon's liquor prices rose by 20% following a duty increase in Haryana's latest excise policy. The state auctioned liquor vends in 162 zones, earning Rs 1,756 crore. Notably, the highest bids were Rs 50.57 crore for a vend on Golf Course Road and Rs 48.28 crore at Bristol Chowk.

By Spiritz Desk
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Liquor prices go up in Gurugram

The liquor prices in Gurgaon saw a hike of 20 percent due to an increase in duties on liquor under the new excise policy. Haryana’s new excise policy came into force on 20th June.

As part of the new excise policy, the Haryana government auctioned 162 zones with 324 liquor vends across Gurugram east and west through e-tenders, earning Rs 1,756 crore with an increase of 9.4 percent on the reserve price.

The highest bid it received was Rs 50.57 crore for a liquor vend on Golf Course Road, and the second highest bid was of Rs 48.28 crore for a vend at Bristol Chowk in Gurugram.