Odisha government debunks fake news on liquor ban

The I&PR Department of Odisha has dismissed viral social media rumors suggesting a liquor ban from 15th August as completely unfounded. They emphasize the importance of sourcing information from official channels and caution against the illegal dissemination of false news.

By Spiritz Desk
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Odisha government debunks fake news on liquor ban

Odisha's Information & Public Relations (I&PR) Department has debunked rumours of a liquor ban in the state of Odisha from 15th August.

 The fake news had gone viral on social media, misleading the public and drawing strong reactions.  Reacting to the fake news, the Odisha government has clarified that the post about the ban on liquor sales across the state is completely false. Putting an end to all such reports, the I&PR Dept. of Odisha appealed to all the citizens to be aware of such fake news and not get misled by such rumours.

I&PR Dept. of Odisha through a social media post responded, “Be aware of such fake news circulating on social media. Always focus on information provided by official sources. Please refrain from spreading such false rumours. It is illegal.”