Rajasthan’s auctioning of liquor vends faces impediments

Facing challenges in renewing licenses for 2,829 of 7,662 liquor vends, Rajasthan’s excise department seeks new bidders online until July 4th to meet its targets.

By Spiritz Desk
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Rajasthan’s auctioning of liquor vends faces impediments

Rajasthan’s state excise department has been struggling to attract buyers for 2,829 liquor shops across the state. Under the applicable year’s excise policy, the state has set 7,662 liquor vends up for the auction.

As per the reports, under the renewal option for liquor shops in the ongoing excise policy, existing liquor vend owners have not shown interest in renewing their licenses as during an auction limited success was achieved.

In an effort to achieve the target, the excise department has initiated a new bidding process for 1,098 liquor shops and prospective bidders can submit their applications online until 4th July.