Happy waves in Wine Glass!

India's evolving wine industry faces policy challenges, yet shows promise with trends like wine tourism and the rise of non-alcoholic wines. Favorable reforms in states like Maharashtra and Karnataka could spur growth, benefiting local production and exports.

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Happy waves in Wine Glass

The wine industry in India is teeming with otential, yet it often finds itself hindered by lot-so- friendly policies. While the evolution of retail channels and the trend towards premiumisation are promising for the sector, the restrictive regulations imposed on wine entrepreneurs in many states need reform. To truly capitalise on India's wine potential, a shift towards more favourable policies is essential. In this context, Maharashtra and Karnataka stand out with their wine-friendly regulations, offering a blueprint for other states to follow. Encouragingly, some states are beginning to acknowledge the benefits of locally produced wines.

Discussions with industry stakeholders reveal a burgeoning culture of wine tourism in India, which holds significant promise for increasing wine awareness and demystifying it among Indian consumers. This growing interest in wine tourism could be a key driver in expanding the market and fostering a deeper appreciation for wine.

Moreover, it is encouraging to see that wines made from fruits other than grapes are being incorporated into the wine policies of some states. This development is expected to boost not only India's wine production and consumption but also wine exports, while simultaneously providing a significant uplift to the agricultural sector.

According to an industry expert, non-alcoholic wines are gaining popularity among younger demographics. In response to this rising demand, it is anticipated that a diverse range of non-alcoholic wines will soon flood the market, catering to the preferences of the younger generation.

With continued efforts towards policy reform and embracing of new market trends, the Indian wine business appears to be on the path to flourishing growth.