350 Participants Compete in AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024

Discover the highlights of the AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024, where over 350 hospitality professionals showcased their talents across 20 categories. This year’s event, themed "Sustainability," culminates in the prestigious AHP Hospitality Excellence Awards on July 25th in New Delhi.

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350 Participants Compete in AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024

The seventh edition of the AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024, organized by the Association of Hospitality Professionals (AHP), has concluded with resounding success. This prestigious event, themed "Sustainability," showcased the exceptional skills and creativity of hospitality professionals across various competitions, cementing its status as a cornerstone of the industry.

The event will culminate in the prestigious AHP Hospitality Excellence Awards, scheduled for July 25th at the Airforce Auditorium in New Delhi. This event will honor the winners and celebrate their remarkable achievements, bringing together industry professionals, experts, and enthusiasts for an evening of recognition and celebration.

The AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024 brought together over 350 participants from across the country, competing in 20 diverse categories. The event kicked off with the Front Office Master competition and continued with three days of intense culinary battles. The second phase featured four unique competitions: The War of Spirits, Art of Table Setting, Art of Bed Making, and Art of Towel Folding.

A Battle of Skills and Creativity

The War of Spirits and Art of Table Setting competitions took place at Surya Hotel, New Delhi. The War of Spirits saw 30 talented bartenders crafting innovative and delectable cocktails that left the judges in awe. Chief of the Jury, G.P. Gautam, praised the participants for their exceptional mixology skills and creativity.

In the Art of Table Setting competition, 25 participants demonstrated their expertise in creating visually stunning table arrangements. Their attention to detail and artistic flair impressed the judges and highlighted the high standards of the industry.

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At The Park Hotel, New Delhi, the Art of Bed Making and Art of Towel Folding competitions showcased the talents of over 70 professionals. Vaneeta Arora, Chief of the Jury for the Housekeeping competitions, expressed her admiration for the outstanding performances and the meticulous displays of craftsmanship.

"We are thrilled with the success of the AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024," said Devipshita Gautam, Founder & General Secretary of the Association of Hospitality Professionals. "This year’s theme of sustainability underscores our commitment to fostering environmentally responsible practices in the hospitality industry. The exceptional talent and creativity displayed by the participants have truly set new benchmarks, and we look forward to celebrating their achievements at the upcoming awards ceremony."

"The AHP Hospitality Challenge 2024 has been a testament to the incredible talent and innovation within our industry," said Mr. Vinod Gulati, President of the Association of Hospitality Professionals. "The AHP Hospitality Challenge has not only provided a platform for recognition but has also fostered learning, growth, and camaraderie within the industry. The event has highlighted the endless possibilities and bright future of the hospitality sector, inspiring participants and attendees alike. Our participants have shown that sustainability and excellence can go hand in hand, paving the way for a brighter, more responsible future in hospitality."

The Association of Hospitality Professionals (AHP) is a non-profit registered organization established under the Society Act of 1860. Since its inception in 2010, AHP has been a pioneer in organizing hospitality events, competitions, and award functions, offering a platform to recognize and celebrate the outstanding talents in the hospitality industry.