Arunachal reviews project on traditional alcobev

Officials from Arunachal Pradesh reviewed a collaborative project with Dibrugarh and Delhi Universities to improve traditional drinks apong and chang. The initiative aims to preserve cultural heritage while enhancing quality and commercial viability, encouraging local entrepreneurship in beverage production

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Arunachal reviews project on traditional alcobev

Arunachal Pradesh’s Science & Technology (S&T) Secretary, Repo Ronya, along with officials from the Arunachal Pradesh State Council for Science & Technology (APSCS&T), recently reviewed a completed project at Dibrugarh University, which is aimed at improving traditional alcoholic beverages like apong and chang.


The project, carried out in collaboration with the Delhi University's Chemistry department, focused on enhancing the beverages' quality, shelf-life, and potential for commercialisation. Ronya stressed the importance of retaining the traditional taste of these beverages to ensure local acceptance and urged the industries to support entrepreneurial ventures in establishing production and bottling plants.


During the review, Senior Instrumentation Officer at the DU's Chemistry Department, Dr. Jitu Ranjan Chetia presented the project's findings. The collaboration's success signifies a significant step in preserving the cultural heritage of Arunachal Pradesh while also fostering its economic growth.