Award winning IDAAYA rum in India

IDAAYA rum, from Those Good Distillers, offers a unique Himalayan twist to premium rum. Aged 12 years in bourbon and Solera casks, it features flavors of jaggery, vanilla, and all-spice, enriched with high-altitude Himalayan air and spring water. This award-winning rum is currently available in select duty-free shops in Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore, with plans to expand to top restaurants and bars across India.

New Update
Award winning IDAAYA rum in India

Those Good Distillers has introduced IDAAYA rum in India. It is a premium sipping rum from the heart of the Himalayas. This meticulously crafted dark rum blends the time-honoured and the contemporary to create a memorable drinking experience amidst the chaos of everyday life.


Shortly after its inception, IDAAYA has received international acclaim by winning a Double Gold at the International SIP Awards 2024. Additionally, it earned a Silver award for Rums made in Asia at The Asian Spirit Master 2024 chaired by The Spirits Business, and Bronze at the International Wine and Spirits Competition 2024 in the aged category.


Founder and Chief Everything Officer of IDAAYA, Karishma Manga Bedi, added, “IDAAYA strives to capture the essence of discovering a moment of reflection and the spirit of exploration in every bottle. We aim to offer our customers more than just a premium rum; we provide a unique experience that takes them through a doorway of limitless discovery with each sip. By prioritising quality, authenticity, and innovation, we ensure that every bottle of IDAAYA represents our unwavering commitment to excellence in the spirits industry.”


The mountains are intrinsic to the character of the rum. High mountain altitude, crisp cool air and Himalayan spring water together bring a unique character to the rum. The 12 YO rum that has been aged in Bourbon casks, blended in a Solera system in Sal wood casks with Indian rum, using ancient methodologies whilst treating the casks, all add to the depth of flavour, with rich aromas to nose.

This craftsmanship brings together a smooth, well-rounded rum, which is vibrant with deep amber colour. To the nose the rum reveals notes of jaggery, vanilla and all-spice. On the first sip, it slowly unravels the caramel notes followed by delicious notes of dark chocolate, jaggery, tropical fruits, dried fruits; all-spice toasted vanilla and oak. Each sip peels back layers of mystery, leaving the lingering taste of the Himalayas.

Currently available at duty free shops in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, IDAAYA rum will soon be available in India’s premium restaurants and bars.