China threatens retaliatory tariffs on EU wines

In a potential trade retaliation, China could target EU wine imports, affecting an $800 million market in response to EU anti-subsidy probes. This follows China's pattern of using trade measures in disputes, reminiscent of the 2014 EU wine probe and high tariffs on Australian wines

By Spiritz Desk
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China threatens retaliatory tariffs on EU wines

China threatens retaliatory tariffs on EU wines

China may target the European Union wine industry exports in response to the ongoing EU’s anti-subsidy investigations into Chinese companies, according to an update by a Chinese state-affiliated social media account.

China’s move to hit European wines would jeopardise the US$800 million wine trade between the EU and China. France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Portugal are the key EU wine exporters to China.

Earlier this year, China launched an anti-subsidy investigation into EU’s brandy, which can adversely impact a US$1.56 billion spirits trade. This follows a similar pattern to 2014 when China threatened to probe EU wines during a dispute over solar panels.

In 2021, China imposed significant tariffs on Australian wines, with tariffs reaching up to 218 percent, which were lifted in March of this year.