Coveted award for Greater Than

Greater Than, renowned for its exceptional gins, received a Double Gold at the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition and was celebrated as 'Best Gin in Asia' at the Gin Guide Awards. Its unique Broken Bat and No Sleep Gins were also recognized, highlighting the brand's international acclaim and innovation

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GreaterThan Gin Awards

Greater Than received the coveted Double Gold medal at the 2024 San Francisco World Spirits Competition (SFWSC). The Double Gold is a rarity as this distinction is given exclusively to spirits that garner a gold medal rating from each judge on the panel, signifying an indisputable mark of excellence.

Greater Than’s limited edition, Broken Bat, which is the first gin in the world matured with Kashmir Willow, received for the second year in a row the ‘Best Gin in Asia’ award at the Gin Guide Awards and also the ‘Best in Class’ award for Aged Gin.

Additionally, Greater Than’s coffee-infused No Sleep Gin won the Flavoured Gin category at the Gin Guide Awards, and was also recognised by the American Distilling Institute (ADI) as the ‘Best of Category’ in International Flavoured Gin with a Silver Medal.

Anand Virmani, CEO and Co-founder of Nao Spirits, commenting on these wins said: “The end-consumer is always the best judge of the spirit, and for the love and appreciation we have received since our inception in 2017, we are unendingly grateful. These wins at the international level are incredible and unprecedented for us, and we happily dedicate these to all the people who have supported us along the way. We are proud to be able to create a lasting mark for Indian craft spirits on the international front.”