Delhi’s first railway coach restaurant opens at NDRS

Located strategically at the New Delhi Railway Station, Capital Diner transforms a retired railway coach into a distinctive eatery, combining the romance of train travel with contemporary dining. Founder Harish Kumar Arora aims to create a memorable dining experience that integrates historical charm with modern culinary offerings, catering to both travelers and local residents.

By Spiritz Desk
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Delhi’s first railway coach restaurant opens at NDRS

Capital Diner, the first-of-its-kind restaurant housed within a refurbished railway coach, is set to redefine dining experiences at the New Delhi Railway Station (NDRS). Capital Diner offers a unique dining experience by transforming a vintage railway coach into a nostalgic and modern eatery.


Strategically located at the station's entrance, Capital Diner promises to offer travellers and locals alike a unique blend of history, ambience, and exquisite cuisine. It serves as an ideal spot for travellers seeking a quick yet delicious meal before or after their journey. Additionally, local residents and office-goers can enjoy the convenience of dining in a unique setting without having to venture far from the city’s hub.


The use of a retired Indian Railways coach car as the core structure pays homage to the romantic legacy of train travel, creating an intriguing and authentic setting. Inside, a modern minimal bohemian ambience blends contemporary and classic design elements, with cool beige LED lighting strips adding a luxurious, star-lit glow.


The menu is a delightful journey through diverse culinary traditions, offering a range of delectable dishes that cater to all tastes.  “We are thrilled to introduce Capital Diner, a concept that marries the nostalgia of railway travel with a modern dining experience,” said Harish Kumar Arora, Founder of Capital Diner. "Our goal is to provide a memorable experience that delights all the senses and becomes a cherished part of Delhi’s culinary landscape,” he added.

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