ITC Grand Chola collaborates with The Happy High

The Happy High curates 'Cholatails,' a unique beverage menu inspired by the Chola dynasty for ITC Grand Chola, Chennai, blending rich history with local flavors at The Cheroot Malt and Cigar Lounge and Tranquebar.

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ITC Chola Bartenders

The Happy High, a Mumbai-based wine and spirit consultancy and education firm, has curated the beverage list for the ITC Grand Chola, Chennai with an aim to bring nuggets of the Chola legacy and local favourites to the fore. The curated beverage menu is named Cholatails.

Cholatails is a beverage menu made for the global palate and it celebrates the Chola legacy and the local cult. It is now available at The Cheroot Malt and Cigar Lounge and Tranquebar at ITC Grand Chola Chennai.

Curated by a dedicated team of beverage enthusiasts, the Cholatails comprise unique concoctions and innovative flavours designed to tell stories of the Chola dynasty and on key ingredients that form the core of the Tamil cuisine.  XOXO finds its place on the esteemed list to symbolise the grand life with XO Cognac, smoky malt and more and perhaps is the most expensive beverage on offer in the city.


ITC Chola Bar-Team

XOXO Cocktail  

Thalaivar Martini Cocktail