Rare recognition for Radico’s whisky and gin brands

Achievement unlocked! Radico Khaitan's Rampur Jugalbandi #3 and Jaisalmer Gold Indian Craft Gin win Best World Whisky and Best Gin respectively at John Barleycorn Awards 2024, highlighting India's rich heritage and craftsmanship in the global beverage scene.

By Spiritz Desk
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Rare recognition for Radico’s whisky and gin brands

Radico  Khaitan’s Rampur Jugalbandi #3 has been awarded Best World  Whisky and its Jaisalmer Gold Indian Craft Gin has been honoured as the Best Gin at the prestigious John Barleycorn Awards 2024 with 94 points each. Both of these brands were also honoured with Double Gold medals.

Other luxury brands of the company were also  awarded top medals with Rampur Jugalbandi #4 and Jaisalmer Indian Craft Gin awarded Double Gold medals, and Rampur Asava and Rampur Double Cask Indian Single  Malt Whisky and Sangam World  Malt Whisky awarded Gold  medals.

For the first time, Barleycorn took the highest scoring entries from the medals round of the competition and blind tasted them a second time to determine Double Gold evaluations and the best in the category.

The   Rampur  Jugalbandi  #3  is part of Rampur's innovative Jugalbandi series, which highlights the ancient Indian musical tradition of duet performances, symbolising a harmonious blend of different cask  influences.

The  Jaisalmer Gold  Gin  is  noted for  its luxurious blend of 18 botanicals including saffron, sourced from various parts of India, combined with juniper berries and angelica root from Europe.

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Reacting to the coveted recognition to the company’s brands, Abhishek Khaitan, Managing Director of Radico  Khaitan Ltd., said, “Our vision  is to share the best India  has to offer with  the world in the beverage alcohol space. Our innovative products are being accepted the world over, exemplifying the rich heritage and exceptional craftmanship that we practice at Rampur Distillery. It is an  honour to be  recognised as the Best World Whisky  and the Best Gin at  Barleycorn Awards for  2024,  for  Rampur and Jaisalmer.”


Sanjeev Banga, President  of International Business at  Radico  Khaitan Ltd. stated,  “We are  delighted to have been awarded the top medals across our  luxury  portfolio. We are  particularly delighted with  the Best World  Whisky  award for  Rampur. Rampur is currently present in 40+  countries and its demand is across nationalities. It is also one of the most popular and best-selling Indian malt brands in the Global  Travel Retail channel  and the results at  the John  Barleycorn Awards  2024  underscores the quality of  our products.”

“By winning the ‘Best Gin’ at the 2024 Barleycorn Awards,  the Jaisalmer Gin  Gold  Edition  has made a significant mark in the beverage market. Our gin’s exquisite blend of botanicals and precise distillation techniques have set a new benchmark in the spirits industry. This recognition not  only  enhances our brand’s reputation but  also  solidifies our  dedication to delivering unparalleled taste and innovation to gin enthusiasts worldwide,"  asserted Kunal Madan, Vice President of Radico  Khaitan's international business.