Reach Asur for quality brews

Asur Brewery, a new hotspot in West Delhi, offers a diverse selection of craft beers. With brews like German Lager, Nitro Stout, and Mango Ale, Asur aims to transform Delhi’s beer culture.

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Reach Asur for quality brews

Nestled among the lively streets of West Delhi, Asur Brewery stands as a testament to passion and precision to fine beers. Founded by Rohan Khare, whose successful tenure at Bad Monkey set the stage, Asur Brewery emerges as a pivotal addition to Delhi's burgeoning beer scene.

"We are thrilled to introduce ASUR to Delhi," Rohan remarked while adding, "Our mission is clear: to elevate the beer-drinking experience and become the preferred destination for exceptional brews."

Upon entering Asur Brewery, patrons are greeted with a lineup of six distinctive brews. From the crisp bite of a German Lager to the velvety richness of their Nitro Stout, and a tropical explosion in their New England IPA, Asur ensures each of their offerings comes across as a flavourful voyage. Notable mentions include the Mango Ale, radiating with sun-kissed notes, the adventurous Jager Ale inspired by the famed cocktail, and a refreshing Witbier that promises to captivate every palate.

As one of Delhi's largest breweries, Asur prides itself on using premium ingredients sourced globally. Plans for the future include expanding their menu to include innovative variants and artisanal ciders, as well as enhancing the taproom experience with guided tastings, brewery tours, and bespoke events.

Asur Microbrewery