The Beer Café hits fifty

The Beer Café celebrates its expansion with a 50th outlet in Ludhiana, Punjab. To commemorate, they've launched the BIG 50 campaign, offering the first drink for Rs. 50 from June 5-15 across all locations. Founder Rahul Singh highlights the milestone as a testament to the brand’s commitment to delivering exceptional beer experiences.

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The Beer Café hits fifty

The Beer Café opens its 50th outlet in Ludhiana, Punjab.  Commemorating the 50th  outlet,  all The Beer Café ‘s outlets across India are celebrating the achievement by launching the BIG 50 campaign.

Under the campaign, The Beer Café outlets  are  offering a special promotion named Big 50 from June 5th to 15th, allowing guests to enjoy their first drink for Rs. 50 across India.

Entrepreneur Rahul Singh founded The Beer Cafe in 2012.  On achieving of the milestone, Rahul Singh lauded the brand’s success and said, “The launch of our 50th outlet marks a significant milestone in our remarkable journey. This achievement underscores our dedication to curating exceptional beer experiences and ensuring every sip delights our guests,” he added.