The Brook to debut in July

Launching in July 2024, The Brook, created by the team behind Sidecar, offers a tranquil setting with unique Himalayan dishes and regional cocktails, inspired by Lord Tennyson's poem "The Brook."

New Update
The Brook Bar

The award-winning team behind Sidecar and Cocktails & Dreams Speakeasy, are back at it – this time with a new muse and a concept that celebrates the joy of doing nothing.

Inspired by Lord Tennyson’s classic poem – The Brook – the bar will bottle the thrill of staying still in the moment and breathing it all in, says a press release.

With a warm and inviting setting evoking the feeling of your favourite mountain hideaway, The Brook will translate staples from the Himalayan kitchen in a refreshing new narrative by the pit-master and Founder of Bhumi Farms– Gautam Nijhawan. Paired with cocktails created by Yangdup Lama, celebrating the bounty and techniques of the region along with a thou cha (tea program) and freshly roasted coffee, The Brook is set to launch in July 2024