A night for the creators for happy memories

Spiritz Magazine and Diage Bar Academy's Spiritz Bartenders' Bash brought together bartenders for a festive night of learning, competition, and dancing at Dakotta. Highlighted by a Singleton masterclass, the event underscored the vibrancy of the bartending profession.

By Spiritz Desk
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A night for the creators for happy memories

On the sweltering evening of May 21st, the bartending community gathered second edition of the Spiritz Bartenders' Bash. This vibrant event, a collaboration between Spiritz Magazine and Diage Bar Academy, brought together a multitude of bartenders from Delhi-NCR and neighbouring states, thereby transforming the night into a grand celebration.

Diageo and The Singleton's Brand Ambassador, Prashant Rawalia, conducted a masterclass with The Singleton-a delectably smooth, award-winning single malt Scotch whisky. He guided the attending bartenders through a sensory journey, encouraging them to nose, sip, taste, and savour the exquisite single malt, crafted to be enjoyed from the very first sip. Adding a playful twist, he introduced a quiz centered around Diageo's brands and their rich histories. Four teams competed fiercely for bottles of The Singleton and other Diageo's brands, their passion and enthusiasm infusing the contest with spirited fun.

The Spiritz Bartenders' Bash is a tribute to the broader bartending community, providing a platform for revelry and camaraderie. With representatives from Diage sales team, Diage Bar Academy and The Singleton present, the event underscored the importance of continual learning and innovation in the ever evolving field of bartending.

The atmosphere at Dakotta was electric as attendees mingled, shared stories, and celebrated their mutual love for mixology and the art of bartending, while enjoying exquisite drinks and delectable food.As night descended, the bartenders took to the dance floor, grooving till midnight. The bar, skilfully managed by talented bartenders, kept the drinks flowing and the energy high. 

It was a night that fittingly honoured the masters behind the bar who craft joyous memories for us!