"Legacy" Promises a Winsome Whisky

Bacardi introduces 'Legacy', its first premium Indian whisky, blending Indian and Scottish malts. Positioned to leverage the 'Make in India' sentiment, Legacy targets the rising demand for quality domestic spirits. Available in seven key Indian markets, it aims for a national expansion by year's end

By Spiritz Desk
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Legacy Promises a Winsome Whisky

There is no doubt that whisky is the leader when it comes to the consumption of alcoholic beverages, both in India and around the world. Taking note of this fact as also the trend that is now providing tailwinds to the spirits market, Bacardi has launched 'Legacy', a whisky that promises a new experience to aficionados. And as Ayaesha Gooptu, Head of Domestic Spirits, Bacardi in India, puts it, Legacy is all set to offer a meticulously crafted blend of Indian malts and Scottish malts with a symphony of flavours.

In recent years, the Indian whisky market has witnessed a profound cultural shift, embracing a newfound admiration for locally crafted spirits. Indian whisky's unparalleled dominance, capturing 97.2 percent of the India's whisky market and constituting two-thirds of all spirits consumed, underscores its unwavering popularity nationwide. With sales of premium Indian whisky expected to surpass 2.5 million cases by 2027, there is also a shift towards discerning consumption habits as more appreciators seek offerings that serve quality over quantity.

Capitalising on these trends, Bacardi is set out to introduce 'Legacy', the first-ever 'made in India' whisky product by the company. Offering a meticulously crafted blend of Indian and Scottish malts, Legacy presents a symphony of flavours. This includes subtle peaty and fruity notes, complemented by undertones of toasted oak and a delicate vanilla smoky finish. The whisky is tailored meticulously for the Indian palate. Strategically launched at a time when the demand for premium options within the Indian whisky category is on the rise, Legacy is the gateway to captivating the community of new-age whisky enthusiasts.

Positioning it Right

Exciting and engaging aficionados in the Indian market, Bacardi in India has been focusing on leveraging a unique marketing mix for Legacy. This includes hosting exclusive tasting sessions where enthusiasts can experience the unique flavour profile firsthand. "Additionally, we are actively building a strong social media presence to connect with our audience, sharing engaging content that highlights Legacy's distinct qualities," says Ayaesha Gooptu. The brand is also dedicated to building credibility by showcasing the expertise and craftsmanship that goes into its each bottle.

In the meantime, Bacardi is positioning Legacy to create a unique identity and appeal to Indian consumers. And as Ayaesha puts it, India's aspirational status for imported products has long been undeniable. But with the resurgence of a strong 'Make in India' sentiment sweeping the hearts of consumers in the country, they are now induced to seek home grown alternatives that embody India's unique identity. 

This presents a golden opportunity for homegrown alcobev brands to rise to the occasion by delivering premium-quality spirits. Ayaesha believes these spirits can rival international counterparts both in terms of credibility and pricing.

Made in India

Legacy Blended Whisky

Legacy, the first premium made in India whisky by Bacardi, is a product that has an Indian identity in its flavour, creation and overall storyline. Crafted with a meticulous focus on authenticity and quality, Legacy serves as a tribute to India's rich heritage and craftsmanship, setting it apart as a premier choice in the evolving Indian whisky landscape. Making its mark across seven markets in the country, the company is elated to be winning the hearts of modern appreciators with an experience that is both premium and distinctly Indian. 

Driven by a deep understanding of the consumer preferences across India's diverse regions, Bacardi is constantly leading with agility to craft new experiences that resonate with them.

Extending Legacy

As consumers become more experimental and adventurous in their choices, they are open to seeking out new options across categories. Appealing to this progressive mindset of appreciators, Bacardi is committed to ensuring diversity and quality within its portfolio. "Our recent launch of Legacy exemplifies this commitment, capturing the essence of 'vocal for local' that is winning the hearts of new-age consumers across key markets in the country," Ayaesha states. Legacy has presence in Haryana, Maharashtra, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Assam and West Bengal.

With plans for nationwide expansion, the company aims to extend Legacy's reach to a broader consumer base by the year's end as well.

The Growth Curve

With India offering strong growth prospects for beverage alcohol companies, Bacardi has its roadmap outlined very clearly. "With its remarkable position as the second-largest market by volume and third-largest by value, particularly in whisky, the Indian alcoholic beverages industry holds immense opportunity," Ayaesha says. 

Leveraging Bacardi's 161 year-old legacy and rich spirits portfolio, the company is therefore committed to harnessing this potential. Ayaesha views that through its expanding repertoire of strategic innovations and investments, Bacardi is dedicated to establishing a robust presence across high-growth categories in India, including domestic spirits.